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Our Vision

Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace embraces an active, nonviolent approach to problems, an understanding that all people have a right to share the resources of the earth and a commitment to fair play and a role for every person in the decisions that affect their lives. Peace, therefore, implies action on behalf of a broad range of concerns.

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Our Mission

To educate and activate people to work for peace, justice and sustainability.

Contact us at 104 Commercial St. NE Salem, Oregon 97301

Phone: 503-371-8002   Email: pbergel(at)igc.org

New DirectionsOregon PeaceWorks' Office Is Now Closed, But...

Here's the new situation:

  • Thanks to extraordinary generosity on the part of our partners, supporters and friends, our debt has been paid off and salaries owed to staff have been paid.
  • Salem Weekly (Salem's progressive newspaper) has rented our former space and Peter Bergel, our former Program Director and past Executive Director, is renting his old office  from them. From that office he is carrying on the kind of work OPW was doing, with special emphasis on climate change issues and how they relate to peace and efforts that promote societal paradigm shifts.
  • This website will continue and will be used to report on the kind of work OPW has done and continues to do.
  • The PeaceWorker is again being published on the web at www.peaceworker.org, thanks to the volunteer help of Paul Suter. A new article, featuring information and analysis that social change activists need, is posted every other day.
  • Action Alerts are sent out approximately every week and a half. If you are not receiving them, request them by emailing pbergel(at)igc.org.
  • OPW's Facebook page continues to be updated several times a week.
  • Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show continues to present its hilarious political satire and may be booked by contacting Peter Bergel at pbergel(at)igc.org or by calling 503-371-8002.
  • Peter Bergel continues to present his hootenannies (sing alongs) entitled "Music for Social Change" in which he leads group participation in songs associated with social change movements of the past and present. He also comments briefly on the history of these movements and shares stories of his participation in some of them. Book "Music for Social Change" by contacting him (see above).

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